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Automated Workflows

Create automated workflows to keep in touch with your team. It's as easy as drawing them on the whiteboard.

Lots of Ways to Stay in Touch

Send beautiful emails, surveys and texts to reach your team and get feedback at exactly the right time.

  • NPS Surveys
  • Multiple Survey Types
  • Rich Text Messages

Powerful Analytics

Sense gives you insights into what your consultants and clients are saying, and you can drill into it by client, location, account manager and more. Pre-built views make it easy for anyone at your company to stay on top of what’s happening and know what needs extra follow-up.

Integrate with your ATS and manage all your active, alumni, and database consultants.

Additional Highlights

Powerful Surveys, including NPS

Run as many NPS surveys as you need for consultants, hiring managers, and internal employees. Run surveys such as check-ins, polls, RSVPs, and more. Sense keeps track of it all for you and lets you dive into who is saying what.

Ats Data Integration

Integrate to where you already track your database of employees. We work with many popular ATS and other systems.

Deep Analytics

Track open rates, clicks, responses and much more. Drill into your data by client, location, recruiter and other dimensions.

Automate Workflows

Set it and forget it. Set your employee journey up with powerful scheduling triggers and your messages will send automatically, at exactly the right time.

SMS Delivery

In addition to best in class emails, unlock high response rates with SMS delivery to your mobile workforce.

Brandable and Personalized

Your communications from Sense are fully branded as your own. You can also dynamically insert information like recipient name, company, birthday and more to make your communication feel extra personalized.